StripeyFuse Premium is a ‘Best of Both Worlds’ Solution

Use it as a merchant account within Infusionsoft (just like to process 1-off orders, 1-off orders with Payment plans and subscriptions.

These orders are placed through your Infusionsoft Order Forms, Shopping Carts or API scripts, allowing you to do EVERYTHING you would be able to with a normal merchant account – but with!

How do I get an order form to work… Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign up for StripeyFuse
  2. Enter your Infusionsoft API details
  3. Enter your Stripe API details
  4. Set up the merchant account inside Infusionsoft

It’s as easy as that.  There are no monthly fees to use Stripe. Most small businesses in USA, Canada, UK and Australia (plus many other countries) are accepted instantly (no long application process)